From Sat 26th December 2019 (Boxing Day) until Sat 4th January 2020

Daily at 3pm at
The Harlequin Puppet Theatre

Cayley Promenade, Rhos-on-Sea,
Colwyn Bay
Telephone 01492 548166

A family show to delight the children and please the adults, this festive season's offering breaks away from the usual pantomime stories. There is colour, variety, lots of surprises and fun, yet a story simple enough for the youngest children to follow. This Fantasy is set in Santa's Toyshop where old toys are restored and broken toys are mended. All the new toys have been delivered at Christmas snd the toys that are left behind plan their own celebrations for Santa, and we share in their preparations for a Christmas Concert. If we enjoy it then Santa is sure to be pleased.

In addition this extended show also includes Mr Bimbamboozle's Christmas Magic Tricks, with children's participation, and finishes with the ever popular Marionette Cabaret where the children are fascinated to see how the strings are pulled - while the adults appreciate the great skill demonstrated.

You can choose to book and pay online.

Adults 6.50
Children 5.50
Senior Citizens 5.50

You do not need to pay in advance but please do Reserve your seats early to be nearer the front.

You can Reserve your seats by
Telephone: 01492 548166
or Email:

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