Quite why rabbits are a symbol of Easter is a mystery, but without The White Rabbit, with his waistcoat and pocket watch, disappearing down a hole in the ground Alice would never have discovered Wonderland and Mr Lewis Carroll would never have written a story about it.

"Alice in Wonderland, or Alice's adventures Underground", to give it its full title, is a favourite children's story of many families all over the world,and has been since it was written over a hundred and fifty years ago. It remains popular and has been translated into nearly every language on earth.

You can meet Alice, The Big Caterpillar, The Bullying Duchess, Humpty Dumpty, The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter in our favourite scenes in this online puppet presentation for an Easter Treat.

Why not get your tickets now? Then watch the show anytime during Easter Week..

Normal theatre prices are 5.50 for each child, but however many there are in your family, or however times you want to watch, we are suggesting you buy only one 5 ticket which will make us feel appreciated, and help towards keeping us solvent until we can re-open the Harlequin Puppet Theatre properly later in the year.
However some kind people may be happy to donate a little more, while others, perhaps having a tough time, less. We understand! Also sadly there are some who just have no spare cash at all.That's OK too. Such families are also very welcome to click the Blue Bunny and get free admission with our best wishes.

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